Shoreline + Richmond Beach

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Shoreline boasts and incredible 404 acres of parkland enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Its saltwater shoreline, botanical garden, interurban trail, athletic fields, courts and playgrounds draw people to this popular north Seattle community.
53,000 residents
The city of Shoreline, with its proximity to the city of Seattle, abundant local resources, and beautiful views, is an ideal place to live. There are 404 acres of park lands are located within the Shoreline city limits. Residents and visitors can enjoy the saltwater shoreline, a botanical garden, an interurban trail plus hiking trails, along with recently updated athletic fields, courts and playgrounds. Shoreline encompasses 11.74 square miles and has a population of 53,000+ residents.
Richmond Beach is the northernmost portion of the City of Shoreline, located along Puget Sound. Its community association prides itself on being “…one of the most inviting, vibrant, scenic, involved and “event-full” neighborhoods in the region.” The Richmond Beach Saltwater Park, with its scenic walking trails, picnic shelters, and “playground with a view”, is a draw for local residents and visitors alike. Just north of Innis Arden and south of the outer reaches of Edmonds, Richmond Beach offers an enviable community-filled lifestyle.

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