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High-tech ⋅ Young ⋅ Contemporary
A blend of small-town atmosphere with a suburban character. Quality neighborhoods, vibrant natural features, and outstanding recreational opportunities. Lake Sammamish is the sixth largest lake in Washington, and one of the major recreational lakes—with high use by fishermen, boaters, water skiers, swimmers, and picnickers. Popular State and County parks include Marymoor Park at the lake’s north end, Lake Sammamish State Park at its south end and East Lake Sammamish Trail.
40,000 residents
Craftsman, new construction, townhomes, and condos. Most built 1980-present.
The city of Sammamish—with its exceptional livability, focus on natural resources, and pristine appearance—is an outstanding local community. Lake Sammamish State Park, eleven other city parks and county parks, and lakeside trail make Sammamish a great destination for recreation. Their small-town atmosphere blends well with the surrounding cities, offering a unique experience for both children and adults. Quiet neighborhoods, outstanding educational opportunities, and playful recreation characterize the streets of Sammamish.

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