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High-tech ⋅ Focused ⋅ Inviting
Known for its abundant natural beauty. Located east of Seattle on the SR 520 corridor and surrounded by lush evergreens and views of the Cascade Mountains. Light rail will reliably connect to Seattle every 8 minutes beginning in 2023. Part of the core Eastside tech hub along with Bellevue and Kirkland.
61,000 residents
Mid-Century Modern, NW Contemporary, Craftsman, new construction, townhomes, and condos
Redmond is a bustling city with a population of 65,500. Its name is nearly synonymous with Microsoft and the many other high-tech companies that call Redmond home. Like many places, the Redmond community is unique and comprised of many different aesthetics. If you’re “downtown”, you can walk to just about anywhere. Easy streets and well-maintained pedestrian accommodations make Redmond perfect for an evening stroll. Redmond is an excellent suburb to live in. Diverse and modern, Redmond is home to some amazing eateries, many community events, gathering spaces, and high-quality goods. Ranked high for “likeability”, residents access local amenities, schools and coveted housing. This, coupled with downtown apartments and condos, make Redmond the ideal place for people at every stage of life.

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