This Ain’t Your Momma’s Real Estate Company

Thirty-three years ago, we didn’t even have a single computer in the office. Listings of homes for sale were printed in books. The latest and greatest flyers were made by snapping a photo with a 35mm camera and pasting the reprints to the Xerox prints you copied off. Ditto for creating a market evaluation to determine price. Those were the days when typewriter ribbon, whiteout and scotch tape were our most coveted supplies.

Fast-forward to today where we have more technology than most of our brokers ever utilize.

Today, we offer location-aware broker websites complete with design, hosting and programming. Oh, and if you were wondering, we encourage our brokers to use their own personal domain which they can direct to the site we build. No one is locked into our platform. Our brokers are here by choice.

Want social media posts for your new listing? We’ve got that…on auto-pilot…along with a weekly report-out on where we've posted and what that week’s market activity was.

Need a monthly email newsletter that adds value instead of inbox junk? We’ve got that too.

Want a personal listing assistant to create stunning flyers and brochures; order sign installs; upload photos, video, and link 3D; create look books; write eye-catching marketing remarks; and dozens of other pre-launch tasks so you can focus on your client? We do it every day.

Need a gorgeous full-page ad designed for your favorite magazine? Yep, we do that too. Free.

Want a contact management system that helps you not only keep track of your active business and customized to-do lists, but also stay connected to your client-base of raving fans from anywhere? Yes, yes and yes.

Need a digital platform that lets you easily share anything…documents, presentations, photos and video with current and potential clients? Yep.

Want international market exposure for your listings through dominant affiliations like Leading RE, Luxury Portfolio, and Juwai? We’ve got that covered.

Need secure email and connected tools through the world’s most comprehensive email provider? Social media plugins? Of course.

Want a kick-ass presentation that shares why you are different from the pack? Customized with your branded look and feel? Personalized for every single client? In both print and digital? Ready at your command? Oh yah. We do that best!

No, this definitely isn’t your mother’s real estate company. What we do here is different from any other company.

If your company isn’t doing this for you, we should talk.